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We are pleased to associate ourselves with other reputable clubs and organisations within the Small Livestock world and invite you to visit their websites. If you would like your club/organisation added to this list please contact us.

Abyssinian Cavy Club: http://abycavyclub.co.uk

National Agouti Cavy Club: http://nationalagouticavyclub.com

British Cavy Council: http://britishcavycouncil.org.uk

Coronet and Sheltie Cavy Club: http://csccuk.piczo.com

Dutch Cavy Club: http://dutchcavyclub.co.uk

National Cavy Club: http://nationalcavyclub.co.uk

National Fox & Tan Cavy Club: http://nftcc.co.uk

National Gerbil Society: http://gerbils.co.uk

Rex Cavy Club: http://rexcavyclub.piczo.com

Soumen Marsuyhdistys ry.: http://marsuyhdistys.net

Southern Hamster Club: http://southernhamsterclub.co.uk 

Teddy Cavy Club: http://www.teddycavyclub.co.uk

Western Area Fanciers: www.wafwebsite.com