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The acting show manager, from whom details of the show and schedule can be obtained, is Wendy Barry somershirehamsters@gmail.com

Judges 2018: TBC (Syrian Section) and Mark Harris (Dwarf Section)

Show entries (only) should be sent to;- Wendy Palmer wendypwsm@gmail.com ALL enquiries to Wendy Barry somershirehamsters@gmail.com 

The Secretary of the SHC is: Wendy Barry. 42 Stonebridge Drive, Frome, Somerset. BA11 2TN. Tel: 01373 300766,  email info@southernhamsterclub.co.uk

Website: www.southernhamsterclub.co.uk 

The club was founded in 1954 to promote the keeping of hamsters and holds shows in various locations in Southern England.  

There are five species of hamsters kept as pets in the UK and all 5 of these species can be exhibited. All these species come in a variety of colours.

The five species are: Syrians,  Chinese, Roborovskis, Russian Dwarf Campbells and  Russian Dwarf Winter Whites. 

We have two main sections at shows: 1. The Syrian section and 2. The Dwarf Section (Chinese, Roborovskis and the two Russian species are classed as "dwarfs") 

Chinese Hamsters

Roborovski Hamster

On average we get an entry of 100 to 150 Syrians and 100 dwarfs at shows.

Syrian hamsters are the most popular species and come in over 20 colours plus two coat lengths (long hair & short hair), plus two fancy coat types (satin & rex). 

Exhibition hamsters are judged on a points system out of 100 points and the judge is looking for the hamster that is closest to the show standard. Hamsters are judged on their colour, markings, size, shape as well as temperament & heath. 

We also hold classes for pet hamsters at our shows.