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Since the show was re-founded in 2011, the cavy shows have been the largest anywhere in the world, with entries consistently in the 900s. Let's break the 1000 barrier this year!

Best in Show: Steve Davies

Adult Selfs: Greg Jackson

5-8 Selfs: Diane Nunn

u/5 Selfs: Evelyne van Vliet

Adult Marked & Ticked:  Pete Wardman

Adult Coated: Jayne Matthews

5-8 Marked & Ticked: Aaron Barnicott

5-8 Coated: Rex Matthews

u/5 Marked & Ticked: Gill Elding

u/5 Coated: Ian Reynolds

Rare Varieties: Steve Davies

Junior Pure-breds: Amy Heale

Adult Exhibitor Pets: Lucy Powrie

Junior Exhibitor Pets: Lisa Powrie

We are proud to be hosting the following specialist club shows:

Abyssinian CC Mini:  Judge - Peter Wood   
National Agouti CC YSS:  Judges - YSS Peter Gammie, Support Classes Simon Neesam
Crested CC:  Judge - Graham Thorpe
Dalmation & Roan CC:  Judge - Helen Mc. Cormick 
Dutch CC SASS: Judge - Maureen Woodward
English Self CC YSS:  Judges - Mark Rubery, Bryan Mayoh & Olivia Timms
National Fox & Tan CC:  Judge - Sam Richardson
Peruvian Varieties CC: Judge - Myra Mahoney
Pet Exhibitors' CC:  Judges - Michaela Dobson
Rare Varieties CC:  Judge - Jamie Eglington & Janet Saynor
Rex CC Rosette Show:  Judge - Caroline Smith
Sheltie Varieties CC:  Judge - Kathy Dudding
Teddy CC:  Judge - Caroline Smith
National Tortoise & White CC: Judge - Ray Woolston

We look forward to welcoming these clubs and their exhibitors to the show. 

We regret that it is necessary to charge a penning fee. This is because we have to hire in pens and staging through a contractor and the fee is towards what it costs the show to provide a pen for your cavies.

, we also provide shavings!

We do not expect exhibitors to have to bring their own bedding to a show of this status. We just ask that exhibitors help us by removing their bedding and other waste after the show to minimise the amount of clearing up and waste disposal.

Sale pens will be available on the day, space permitting, on a first-come basis.

If you'd like to sponsor a breed in 2018 it's just £3 per class or £9 for all three age groups - contact Tony O'Neill on tonyoneill1956@gmail.com 


We hope that specialist clubs will again have their stands at the 2018 show. To book space for a stand contact Nikki Matthews on  nikki.matthews25@gmail.com

The Cavy Section Co-ordinator and Show Manager is Ian Cinderby, Tel: 07815 073169   e-mail:  iancinderby@ymail.com